Expecting More: Age of Ultron

If you haven’t seen Age of Ultron yet, I am fairly sure that there will be mild spoilers used as examples in this post. If you are like me and prefer to avoid such things, consider yourself forewarned. The more Joss Whedon does, the more I find him to be a valuable rubric for self-evaluation … Continue reading

Choice of Voice~

As discussion cycles through toward gaming techniques again in the YouTube RPG Brigade, it has brought a latent point about the narrative voices in gaming to the fore. This post brings together some ideas from a variety of earlier posts and videos and then tries to take some solid technical steps forward toward a framework … Continue reading

Dice and the Gingerbread Person

Not long ago, an excellent new channel on YouTube called EmergentPlay began posting short, punchy clips pertaining to   RPG theory and practice. If you have not taken a look at this channel yet, I cannot recommend it highly enough. The poster is very well-spoken, well-prepared, and game-literate; and the clips are 2-5 minutes of thought-provocation. Last … Continue reading

The Skill of Immersion

I did a lot of gaming this weekend, and combined with the increased traffic in my PBeM as a result of ‘mech combat ending allowing normal communications to resume, I found myself thinking about immersion in character in terms of things players do to prevent it even while being very actively and for the most … Continue reading

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Forgive the patently false submarine reference, but I wanted to discuss immersive roleplay with all of you, and the titular phrase just popped in my head like so much flotsam after a successful torpedo attack. I prefer immersive roleplay when given the choice. I have nothing against playing via avatar as we used to do … Continue reading

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