Review: Leagues of Adventure

Produced by Triple Ace Games and using Exile Game Studio’s Ubiquity System, Leagues of Adventure is a broad-shouldered yet elegant game set in the age of Victoria and the brave new world of Stream-that-never-was, opening new vistas, charting new courses, and shining light on forgotten places. It is consulting detectives, daring inventors, challengers of convention, firsts-to-do, culture-clashing, mind and … Continue reading

Playing Proactively – A rant?

As both a player and a GM, I have learned that one thing I like is for the characters to improve beyond their traits and skills. I love it when they build up a network of contacts and resources which make them so much more than an operator in that world –  they become a … Continue reading

Mechwarrior PBeM Report 4c: Hand that Feeds (con’t)

This post continues the dramatized actual play report from the Mechwarrior ‘A Time of War’ RPG campaign ‘Hair of the Dog’ where PBeM Report 3 left off in its description of events as experienced by Mel ‘Mad Dog’ Winters. For details of the campaign and previous entries detailing the events therein, please start here. Hair of the … Continue reading

Review: Desolation

Produced by Gremalkin Games and using Exile Game Studio’s Ubiquity System, Desolation provides an interesting combination of elements which somehow manages to mix the clarity of a detailed setting with the open-ended freedom of a merely outlined setting. I found this approach to be both refreshing and liberating. While I rarely feel constrained by the limits on a … Continue reading

Unusual Suspects

Next stop: Grave Wisdom~

Rick sold the Cafe and the real adventure began. Sometimes, a person just has to stay up late, turn out the lights, and wrap themselves in the flickering light show of accidental greatness. Rick (often): I stick my neck out for nobody. With stacks of games about me, my dog asleep at my side on … Continue reading

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