Shadowrun: Anarchy 

I like game systems at least as much as I like dice, and readers of this blog know that I have more than a passing fondness for dice…and understatement. I like systems. I like reading them, learning them, sharing them, and comparing how editions change over time. I even like comparing different expressions of the same … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 199 (Legionnaire)

This is a seed for the near-forgotten RPG, ‘Legionnaire,’ which supported the Renegade Legion set of skirmish games from FASA. Those games were Interceptor, Centurion, Leviathan, and the planetary conquest strategy game Prefect. Legionnaire, to those familiar with the early versions of the Mechwarrior RPG will seem very familiar and of comparable depth of setting … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 198 (Shadowrun)

This is a seed in celebration of all the Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall I have been trying to play since its release. I would have played more but the dogs refuse to feed and walk themselves [jerks], and I prefer to keep rather than lose my job because I cannot shake my attachment to housing and … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 188 (Shadowrun)

This is a seed for Shadowrun of any particular edition. Depending on the runners’ relationships with their contacts and neighbors, it threatens to put them at varying degrees of disadvantage. The core of the seed is to have the runners wondering why them, and why now, while the answer may never, ever come to light. … Continue reading


I have just returned from my first actual vacation since the summer of 2006… and that one was more like trading my day job for doing one of my hobbies full time. Perhaps it has been even longer since I have really taken time away from everything and just focused on relaxation and seeing the … Continue reading

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