May of the Dead: Building Undead Cults from Nothing

 Another explanation… This post is the second of two entries the Casting Shadows blog is contributing to the May of the Dead blog carnival. This entry pulls back the curtains of misdirection and manipulation which allow the formation of undead cults through mundane not mystical means. The previous entry from this blog can be read here, and … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 101 (Call of Cthulhu/Aces&Eights)

This week’s seed could work easily with either Call of Cthulhu or Aces&Eights as I will present it here, but could be modified or completed to work as a cross-over of these two games, or run in a Deadlands campaign. The options are quite broad. The seed could be ideal for a new group of … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 46 (Deadlands)

This week I guess it is finally time to plant a little seed destined to sprout tendrils seeking to consume unwary Deadlands campaigns.   This seed is suitable for use with a small or divided group, and can be all or part of an introductory story designed to bring characters together.   Planting the seed … Continue reading

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