Saturday Seed ~ 191 (The Morrow Project)

This is a seed for the post-nuclear war reclamation and rebuilding RPG, the Morrow Project. The seed This seed focuses on how the universe can be cruel and kind in the same toss of the dice. What we think we know, we may not. What was safe, may be safe no longer…despite appearances to the … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 177 (Morrow Project)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for The Morrow Project by Timeline Ltd. The seed The team has made contact with a local community and established the early stages of peaceful interaction and cooperation. As a part of actively deepening ties and understanding, the exchange and introduction of key members has been undertaken, with the … Continue reading

Games that don’t happen

Life has a lot of ways of nudging events so that games don’t happen. There are periods where we can confound life’s intent to spoil our fun and gratification, but that still leaves a lot of time where life wins. Living in Korea was once a source of gamelessness for me, but I learned how … Continue reading

The Morrow Project Pre-Release: Character Generation

For me, the character creation rules are often the window I use for getting a good understanding of how an RPG is intended to be interpreted and implemented. This section tends to be my first, best source of first impressions. Digging into my Pre-Release copy of The Morrow Project, I was quickly given the sense … Continue reading

Kicking my own tires as a Kickstarter backer

I reviewed my ‘backed projects’ list on Kickstarter this month in reaction to a late project I have backed and the accommodating comments posted in response to a late and frankly insulting update from the project manager. After posting a polite, fact-filled response to this nonsense, I began to wonder about the whole idea of backing … Continue reading

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