Let the beats fall where they may…

I have been struggling to write a certain post since I started this blog. This is a run at it, but probably won’t be it. Bits and pieces of the theme have crept out here and there in other posts, but simply what I want to write about is this: There is much more to … Continue reading

Why do supplements feel like an anchor, not support?

When I was a D&D player my cohorts and I had no access to much beyond the core books we had obtained from far-flung centers of population with amazing things like book and hobby stores. Core books had come to us from mail order, or older brothers who didn’t understand what the game was, or … Continue reading

Come hell or high water…

I have a bad feeling about this...

Anyone who has spent any time with games set in the World of Darkness has probably at one time or another wondered if their Storyteller were out to get them. While games like Vampire do not have a monopoly on pushing for consequences for character action, they certainly introduced a lot of young gamers to … Continue reading

Facilitating Function in Fractious Factions

Thoughts on Parties of Mixed Capability Inspired by Joss Whedon’s film based on Marvel’s Avengers Last week, thanks to early release dates in Asia, I watched the Avengers on a local screen in Daejeon, South Korea. As I was leaving the theatre I was struck by just how well Joss Whedon had managed to present … Continue reading

Whose Ticket to Ride?

I don’t play any type of D&D anymore, and as it has been 23 years since I left that particular game behind in favour of others I can be fairly sure that there will be no returning. From time to time, the urge to run a fantasy game surfaces, of course, but those urges are … Continue reading

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