Saturday Seed ~ 92 (Rapture)

This week’s seed is for Rapture, and is intended to support a session focused on the fear of the unknown in one’s fellows while in claustrophobic and perilous conditions. The seed The PCs learn of a curious occult find in the lower reaches of a terraforming complex on the South polar cap of a desolate world. … Continue reading

Desolation Boulevard

Assume for a moment that not that long ago, the world – for all intents and purposes – died. How long would it take for you to come to terms with the idea that there were certain things you would never again have the pleasure of experiencing? Certain tastes, certain events, certain places, certain scents … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 70 (Rapture)

This tiny little seed is the first of a few that I have been thinking about for Rapture – a curious and compelling game if ever there was one. The seed A space hulk of early vintage, ravaged by time and celestial circumstances drifts into the system. The characters are pulled away from other tasks … Continue reading

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