#RPGaDay 2015 Day 31: Favorite non-RPG thing stemming from RPGs

The question for Day 31 is long and a little awkward. My first thought was computer emulation of RPGs, but I don’t play them so they really cannot be tagged with the ‘favorite’ condition, now can they? That thought, however, set me on the path of what has ultimately become my answer for this unusual question. It … Continue reading

#RPGaDay 2015 Day 30: Favorite RPG-playing celebrity

The question for Day 30 asks about our favorite among the celebrities we are aware play RPGs. I am not that interested in the phenomenon of celebrity and pay attention to the doings of very few. This, I guess, is simply one of those questions which doesn’t have much relevance to me personally, but I feel … Continue reading

#RPGaDay 2015 Day 29: Favorite RPG Blog

The question for Day 29 asks about our favorite RPG website or blog. I am going to focus on the blog option. Looking back over my past responses to this series, I am wishing now that I had thought to stretch my interpretation to include YouTube Channels as a type of ‘podcast.’ I had initially … Continue reading

#RPGaDay 2015 Day 28: Favored Game, no longer played

The question for Day 28 is about a game that used to be a favorite but is no longer in rotation within your group. It is no longer played. I tend to have multiple games going on at one time, and to try new games quite often, so for this question, I will be addressing … Continue reading

#RPGaDay 2015 Day 27: Merging two games

I answered today’s question fairly fully on my YouTube channel so this will be a short entry. The question for Day 27 is on merging two games or genres. I think at some point most groups try this to one extent or another, so I am expecting a good variety of posts today. For my … Continue reading

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