Saturday Seed ~ 112 (Serenity)

This week’s seed is for the Serenity / Firefly based roleplaying game from MWP. The Cortex system which supports the game has come a long way since this game’s release and its subsequent discontinuation, but the heart and soul of the game live on undaunted. The seed The characters have done a job and rightfully expect … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 51 (Serenity)

This week’s seed is for the Serenity RPG, and gives the players an opportunity to explore just how far they will go to make money. This seed does not require a ship, nor does it require very experienced characters. Planting the Seed: Rumor has it that a few months ago, an extremely valuable artifact was … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 36 (Serenity)

This week’s Seed is being planted for Serenity. If nothing else, I hope it gets people to take a look at the episodes again. Was there ever a better show and cast? This is a small seed, a mere bit of pollen, perhaps, but with proper care, feeding, creativity, and active players, it has the … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 24 (Serenity)

This week’s seed is for Serenity, for groups centered around a nomadic life aboard a ship. The Seed: As a complication in a regular scenario, have the crew stumble across a derelict, (‘Cause, who doesn’t like a good derelict ship drifting by?) which from the looks of things, might have been drifting for quite some … Continue reading

Download like a Buccaneer

I made pretty extensive use of the Talk Like a Pirate sale at Drivethrurpg although I did not come across nor hunt for all the treasure chests. I was fairly focused in my approach to perusing the site and subsequently purchasing particular items. I had a three day holiday in which to slowly assess what I … Continue reading

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