#RPGaDay2019 Day 22: Lost

If you want an experience, getting lost can – in an RPG context – be a huge part of the fun.2-minute response Today’s prompt for #RPGaDay is lost, and with it a host of tales, theories, attitudes, platitudes, and Intentions and invectives. My 2-minute response offers visual metaphor in hope that less meaning will be … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 21: Vast

Is there anything quite so vast as the ostensibly limitless boundaries of roleplaying games? Today’s #RPGaDay prompt may reveal that detail to us, or it might help us define a variety of vastnesses within the greater vastness of the hobby as a whole. Wouldn’t that be something? What are you going to contribute? Whose responses … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 20: Noble

If there ever were an exemplary spectrum of meaning change for a word then perhaps the prompt for today in #RPGaDay could qualify. The prompt today is ‘Noble’. In life or seems to me that what is Noble is defined in retrospect by those affected by ‘noble’ actions. Of course, that doesn’t stop those who … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 19: Scary

Today’s #RPGaDay prompt (August 19th!) perhaps takes us into the realm of horror from an in-game perspective, or into the challenges of trying something new or more difficult than we have tried before or…. something unknown… The prompt for today is S C A R Y My two-minute video today looks at perception, intention, and … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 17: One

Today’s #RPGaDay prompt is ‘one’. Whether as a number, as a pronoun, as a method of gaming, or however else you choose to relay it, we should make this one a doozie. My response, which finds a nice corollary in ivanmike1968’s response, can be heard here. In a nutshell, I turn one around in description … Continue reading

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