Interview: Jason Hardy

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity a few weeks ago to conduct a brief Q&A with Catalyst Game Labs’ Jason Hardy. Considering his many roles as writer, editor, and Shadowrun line developer, our interview covered a lot of ground. Most of the Q&A – as well as quite a few other interesting interviews … Continue reading

Mechwarrior PBeM report 6 ~ Report from the Front 1

As of today we have entered into the tenth turn of mech combat in my Time of War PBeM campaign, Hair of the Dog. So far, events in the battle have been characterized by chaos, the suddenly shifting tides of fortune and fate, and maintaining cohesion in the face of too many obstacles to count. … Continue reading

Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2 -Turn 7b/8a

Turn 7 ended with a whimper, witnessed by the entrance of reinforcement… for the Attacking Lance. Unfortunately, that amounted to a single Clint. Turn 8 has the mighty Atlas still on its feet, and completely free to cross back across enemy lines, thereby ending the scenario as a victory for the player, Gilberto Mussolini. Will he do so, … Continue reading

Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2 -Turn 6b/7a

Turn 6 ended with a timely and crippling attack on the Jenner by the Atlas, leaving both mechs shaken, but neither mech toppled. Turn 7 opens with a rush for freedom by the Atlas and what amounts to a last-ditch effort by the Attackers to bring the assault mech down before it can cross enemy … Continue reading

Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2 -Turn 6a

Turn 6 of the second Battletech Lunchtime Challenge opens as one of the very few in this endeavour with the attacking lance having initiative. While I was sure it would not last, the initiative result for Turn 7 also requires the Defender to move first. Will wonders never cease? The Atlas with annoyingly crafty wisdom took … Continue reading

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