Desolation Hangouts #2 – 5

My 5 sessions of the YouTube Desolation campaign have come to an end. As hoped, one of the players will be taking over as GM and running 5 more sessions from where session 5 ended. What follows is an overview of Hangouts, some final thoughts on the gaming culture which we adopted over five sessions … Continue reading

Desolation Hangout 1

On Wednesday, I hosted a hangout for some notable members of the YouTube RPG community to play the post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG, Desolation. The group was composed of a former arena athlete, a noble, a legionnaire and his young sister, and an outdoorsman.  The setting was ostensibly the northern reaches of what used to be the … Continue reading

The world has ended again!

I am pleased to report that I have been given the opportunity to run Desolation for a group of players new to it and to Ubiquity. The group is in the midst of character creation at the moment, and so I am drinking in all the comments they drop about the game and setting to … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 147 (Desolation)

This week’s seed is for Desolation by Greymalkin Design Studio.  The depth and breadth of possibility in running campaigns for this game always impresses me each time I leaf through it. All the inspirational sparks are there, without the massive overhead of lore to swallow and disseminate. That the game can still evoke a very … Continue reading

Broken Rooms: in my e-hands

At GenCon 2012, so the story goes, Greymalkin Designs released a limited run of hardcover copies of their new RPG, Broken Rooms. Not having been anywhere near that side of the Earth, I must content myself with the PDF obtained from my friendly enabler Drivethrurpg to take a look at it. Update: Curious about the … Continue reading

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