Genre and the Modern Prometheus

Consciously, or unconsciously what we do as a group of players in a roleplaying game gives shape to a specific genre. There is no escape. In our quest for a good time, our actions and interactions as an amalgam of players, characters, GM, and non-player characters create a fictional world we own perhaps even more … Continue reading

Walking in Gumshoes ~ The Crime

Our Mutant City Blues campaign started off with a brief out-of-character discussion about how the Heightened Crimes Unit would be represented in Montreal, an overview of altered history and the future’s altered history, a primer on changes in Montreal, and then we segued into the Google Drive Document for the start of in-character play. That we are doing … Continue reading

Walking in Gumshoes ~ Investigating

For all intents and purposes, our three characters are now in the thick of investigating our first crime scene for our Mutant City Blues campaign. We opened in the Montreal Heightened Crime Units bullpen, where the three of us were assigned a homicide case at a local culinary landmark. We  have spent the last two weeks … Continue reading

Shadowscast Episode 6

This episode has been delayed for a few months and as such has expanded to nearly twice its normal expected size. No guests were harmed in the filming of this episode, but one crane was filmed without his permission while stalking three-eyed fish. Topics for this Shadowscast range from a look at some GameScience dice … Continue reading

Playing to Type: Genre Fidelity and Growth

Genre conventions and assumptions can make or break a session, scenario, campaign or even a group. They are not alone in possessing this awesome power, but they do occupy a curious niche of game elements which people seem to understand, yet prove that they do not somewhere between ‘it’s probably too late to fix things’ … Continue reading

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