Palladium PBeM Report 11 – Long Winter Shadows ~ Promises

Promises, the current installment of the ongoing tale of the wizard Marlin Tyrell’s rise to fame, power, and infamy continues in the scrap of parchment found below. It is incomplete, but yields further secrets into the life of the mysterious wanderer, and what terrible events were set in motion by his simple visit to the … Continue reading

Palladium PBeM Report 10 – Long Winter Shadows ~ Promises

Promises The Second Story in the Tale of Marlin Tyrell, Wizard – known to himself as Marlin the Magnificent – begins here with this first installment of ‘Promises.’ The first story, ‘ A Single Step ‘ concluded with Marlin and Genrir booking passage on a vessel called the Winter Wind to speed the young wizard on his journey to the … Continue reading

PBeM report 9 – Long Winter Shadows ~ A Single Step

Please enjoy this ninth and final instalment of A Single Step, the first in a series of stories called Long Winter Shadows, detailing the early years of the wizard, Marlin Tyrell, and his quest to regain his lost birthright. This last instalment is entitled: Luna Beach~ While you have often been drifting along, supported by … Continue reading

PBeM report 8 – Long Winter Shadows ~ A Single Step

Continuing the events detailed in the gripping scroll of Marlin Tyrell’s autobiographical tale, “The Kobold Lair” A Harsh Journey~ The GM: “We are ready.” Setting off the collapse, according to the dwarves, will not endanger the prisoners, although they have ensured there will be collateral damage to the arena. All that remains is to organize how to … Continue reading

PBeM Report 7 ~ Long Winter Shadows – A Single Step

The Kobold Lair (continued) (Based as before on notes taken by Player the first and revised by the GM and his near-eidetic memory) This is a recounting of, what to my recollection, is the first great encounter of my young life as a wandering practitioner of the mystical arts. Please forgive the ramblings of an … Continue reading

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