Ministry of Unusual Affairs [Recap 1]

I have been fortunate to be a player in a Leagues of Gothic Horror campaign based on agents of the Ministry of Unusual Affairs. You read that right, I am getting to run a character, not be the GM! Rare enough a treat as that is, the opportunity is made sweeter by who I get … Continue reading

Cult of the Video GM 

With Perkins and Mercer as the best-known representatives, gaming as spectator sport is rapidly spreading, especially among newcomers and those who seek to return to the hobby, but do not know how. With Perkin’s ‘Acquisitions Inc show for Pax being far toward one end of this representation and Mercer’s Critical Role heading more toward the … Continue reading

Roundup: December 2013 RPG Blog Carnival

December’s RPG Blog Carnival for 2013 has reached the end of its run. Despite the tremendous distractions of all the things December brings with it, the RPG blogging community contributed quite a few useful posts on the topic of Taking Charge. Some look forward into the year to come. Others are timeless reminders of good … Continue reading

Being Like Water: December 2013 RPG Blog Carnival

My final entry in this month’s RPG Blog Carnival is a story of a player character from a campaign I ran many years ago who typified the ‘take charge’ attitude in an intriguing and non-confrontational way. Played by a novice, in a very large group, the character overcame intra-party politics, conflicting philosophies and religions, and … Continue reading

December ’13 RPG Blog Carnival: Taking Charge

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival is being hosted here on Casting Shadows and is on the topic of Taking Charge. “Of what?” you may ask, or “By whom?” These and other questions are what will be uncovered as the month proceeds and participating blogs add their contributions to the Carnival. A blog carnival is a … Continue reading

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