Mythos Mythras: Tone and Tenor

There is a sense among gamers that for games played with Lovecraft and Company’s Cthulhu Mythos as the setting, that insanity, death, or both are a foregone conclusion. Play to Find Out takes on a slightly limited meaning, ‘play to find out how you meet your end.’ I think it is helpful to take a … Continue reading

Cult of the Video GM 

With Perkins and Mercer as the best-known representatives, gaming as spectator sport is rapidly spreading, especially among newcomers and those who seek to return to the hobby, but do not know how. With Perkin’s ‘Acquisitions Inc show for Pax being far toward one end of this representation and Mercer’s Critical Role heading more toward the … Continue reading

Playing to Type: Genre Fidelity and Growth

Genre conventions and assumptions can make or break a session, scenario, campaign or even a group. They are not alone in possessing this awesome power, but they do occupy a curious niche of game elements which people seem to understand, yet prove that they do not somewhere between ‘it’s probably too late to fix things’ … Continue reading

Fantastic locations & the fantastic things that happen there

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival, hosted by Keith J. Davies, covers the topic ‘Fantastic Locations’ and as I tend to run games set in one way or another in a version of the real world – my current games notwithstanding – I was left wondering if I would be able to participate. After a little thought, … Continue reading

In the footsteps of giants~ (RPG Blog Carnival – 12-2011)

This will be my final entry for the December 2011 RPG Blog Carnival. This post fills out the trio of posts I wished to contribute on the theme during this carnival: namely the potential hero in each character, the GM’s role in calling heroes to action, and the value of incorporating heroes both living and … Continue reading

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