Saturday Seed ~ 193 (A Time of War)

This is a seed for the Battletech roleplaying game, A Time of War. While for convenience of writing it will make the assumption the characters are mechwarriors, no such requirement is needed. The seed This seed is all about storms, calms, and storms to come. Planting the seed This seed can be planted during a … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 183 (A Time of War)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for A Time of War, pitting units against adversity and an unknown prize. The seed Two small units, cut off from their own forces, and pitted against each other in a game of attrition and endurance on a barren rock only of value on a strategic map, find themselves … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 171 (A Time of War)

This efficiently short seed is for Catalyst’s mechwarrior RPG, A Time of War, and should work well for character groups of mercs or merchants. The seed The contract for your company’s ground-based, fixed storage space has been terminated, and local conditions are not conducive to easy protection of your turfed goods nor the procurement of … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 145 (A Time of War)

This week’s seed is for A Time of War by Catalyst Game Labs.  Although certainly usable for a set of mechwarrior player characters, it does not assume that occupation as a default. My Saturday Seeds also reappear on Ancient Scroll on random Saturdays~ The seed The seed involves the threat of assassination and espionage, but … Continue reading

To Dice, Perchance to Dream

I have been thinking about how dice actually shape my games, and wondering how it is possible for them to do so. Apart from the superstitions I have found reflected in the habits and thoughts of gamers I have met from around the world, in what ways do the dice we use collaborate in the … Continue reading

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