More Gaming with Google+

As readers of this blog already know, I like Play by e-Mail games and have found them much easier to run since the advent of Gmail. A few weeks ago, I transformed a game slated to be run as a PBeM into a game run via Google+ and my initial feeling is that I will … Continue reading

Assessing Group Performance

Perception shapes reality, but sadly individual perception shapes only an individual’s reality to any great degree. I say sadly, not because I long for the chaos such a totally mutable world would bring with it, but because many of us remain trapped in glass rooms for 1 in the Hotel of the Real, thinking that our perception … Continue reading

Implementation of the rules (BRP/CoC)

A question was raised a while ago on the valuable question and answer site, RPG Stack Exchange, concerning ways to prevent or at least reduce the poor game play brought on by the implementation of the Basic Role Playing system, such as is found in Call of Cthulhu. The question was phrased in such a … Continue reading

Taming of the Geek: Social Contracts for Gaming

I was among the generation of gamers who got a lot of flak from parents about playing D&D. In fact, it was flat-out forbidden – which of course, only limited where I could play, not if. Unlike most of those I have met over the years who had to covertly enjoy roleplaying games, my parents … Continue reading

The Skill of Immersion

I did a lot of gaming this weekend, and combined with the increased traffic in my PBeM as a result of ‘mech combat ending allowing normal communications to resume, I found myself thinking about immersion in character in terms of things players do to prevent it even while being very actively and for the most … Continue reading

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