#RPGaDay2019 Day 19: Scary

Today’s #RPGaDay prompt (August 19th!) perhaps takes us into the realm of horror from an in-game perspective, or into the challenges of trying something new or more difficult than we have tried before or…. something unknown… The prompt for today is S C A R Y My two-minute video today looks at perception, intention, and … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 16: Dream

The #RPGaDay prompt today is ‘dream,’ a word packed with promise, potential, and multiple applications. I dream of an August 16th where much is made of the power of this word. In my response, which you can view HERE, I share the link I feel between dreams and dice, and how the special state dreams … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 15: Door

The #RPGaDay prompt for today seems innocuous enough at first glance, it is just the word door. Such a word of good for suggesting retellings of tough encounters, enjoyable failures, and comforting last-moment slams into the face of evil. Such a prompt is also good for taking about the hobby as a whole, though perhaps … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 14: Guide

I seem to be sticking with a path of sharing thoughts on being a player of roleplaying games as opposed to my approach from previous years of sharing specific experiences. The #RPGaDay prompt for this August 14th is the word guide. As I am following my instincts and then shaping those first reactions with quick … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 13: Mystery

Today seems like an ideal date in August for this prompt, doesn’t it? It seems a shame we couldn’t have arranged for today to be a Friday instead of a Tuesday, but perhaps that would have been too obvious – not nearly mysterious enough for “mystery” as the #RPGaDay prompt. I once again in my … Continue reading

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