#RPGaDay2019 Day 31: Last

This final #RPGaDay prompt, bringing us full circle to where we began, has layers of meaning beyond the surface which can, if we allow it, remind us that this is a hobby which creates and exists between the members of small groups of friends. Each group plays its games and develops its ways mainly in … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 30: Connection

#RPGaDay is drawing to a close and I think it is very fitting for it to do so on this next-to-last day with a prompt like connection. The event as a whole serves as a connection between gamers, between new gamers and experienced ones, between non-gamers and gamers old and new, and between a gamer … Continue reading

RPGaDay2019 Day 29: Evolve

To change or not to change, that is a question. Whether it’s fitting for a group to suffer the slings and arrows of (YMMV) outrageous learning, or more fitting to keep on keeping on. Who but we who play can say? My 2-minute video for today explores the idea of development, growth, and evolution in … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 28: Love

It is Day 28, do you know where your loved ones are? Of all the words we used as prompts for #RPGaDay this year, this one word, love, is perhaps the richest in meaning and nuance. My 2-minute video is a bit of a love letter to a game full of opportunities to explore many … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2019 Day 27: Suspense

When you play, what are you waiting for? Our #RPGaDay prompt for today wants to know. Suspense is highly prized in our hobby, and although we talked about it with a singular word it seems to me that it comes in many flavors. My 2-minute video for today explores the idea that the genre that … Continue reading

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