Kicking my own tires as a Kickstarter backer

I reviewed my ‘backed projects’ list on Kickstarter this month in reaction to a late project I have backed and the accommodating comments posted in response to a late and frankly insulting update from the project manager. After posting a polite, fact-filled response to this nonsense, I began to wonder about the whole idea of backing … Continue reading

Genre is Rule 0

Now available in audio form with commentary from 2020 Casting Shadows Podcast I watched a video clip yesterday evening which asked “Why?” in connection to the disparity in numbers between those who will choose to respond to an ad looking for D&D or Pathfinder players as compared to the number who will respond to ads … Continue reading

Taking a Stab at Seven Games

The Black Campbell got me thinking about the Seven Games thread that has been running on G+ for a while. This was a topic I had been studiously ignoring as it doesn’t seem to easily break down into 7 discrete games for me. I tend to run more than one game at a time, and … Continue reading

Technoir Playtest

Early on Sunday afternoon, in a board game café we expected to be deserted, but was not, we conducted our first playtest of the Technoir RPG Beta rules. Coordinated in part through to expand my circle of gamers here in Seoul, we had four players willing to try a little cybered-noir on a sunny … Continue reading

Technoir is no punk

I cannot say that I like FATE. I am willing to admit that it may have been the learning process that lead me to that blasé reaction, but I suspect it is a little more. This being the case, I was somewhat surprised at my strong positive reaction to Technoir, the new game in development … Continue reading

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