Saturday Seed ~ 159 (Mutants&Masterminds)

This litigious seed is being planted for Mutants and Masterminds, especially on the street level hero scale where the threat of capture by the police is a very real one. My Saturday Seeds also reappear on Ancient Scroll on random Saturdays~ The seed The seed involves all those difficult questions about vigilantes, being above the law, being … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 40 (Mutants and Masterminds)

This week’s seed is ostensibly being planted for Mutants and Masterminds, although ultimately, this seed could be planted in pretty much any sort of superheroes game with a certain level of reality behind it. This seed is another very basic one, and can be summed up in two short words: Moving Day. Planting the seed: … Continue reading

Download like a Buccaneer

I made pretty extensive use of the Talk Like a Pirate sale at Drivethrurpg although I did not come across nor hunt for all the treasure chests. I was fairly focused in my approach to perusing the site and subsequently purchasing particular items. I had a three day holiday in which to slowly assess what I … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 16 (Mutants and Masterminds)

The Perfect Imposter This seed drifts down to us from a Kenson tree, and if planted might sprout some entertainment for some Mutants & Masterminds sessions. In an awful lot of comics, there are issues of mistaken identities. This seed is one for one such story, wherein one of the heroes – preferably one who … Continue reading

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