Saturday Seed ~ 69 (HEX)

This week’s seed is an Infectious Plot for Hollow Earth Expedition, or pretty much any Pulp Heroics game set on the surface world in the 30’s. From this initial, short diversion of mystery and action, GMs will be able to weave an ongoing campaign against a recurring villain in the form of a megalomaniacal criminal … Continue reading

Snap, Crackle, and Pulp

Last week I took a step away from my pulp projects to catch up on book-keeping in my other games. This week, I have a clearer sense of what I want to do with my part of our shared HEX campaign, and how I want to accomplish it. As a player in Pulp Action games … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ .44 (HEX)

In discussions about pulp adventure this week, a recurring theme appropriately appeared, and it is in its honor that this week’s seed is being planted. Suitable for any pulp game, but written with HEX in mind, this seed is a non-combat action sequence starting from an innocuous event and potentially ending up in the morgue. … Continue reading

Pulp Time

If I could only have gotten here sooner, I might have prevented this As I have mentioned many times in posts on this blog, I have a difficult time maintaining the breathless pace of heroic action I feel is required for great ‘pulp’ gaming. Whether this be of the mysterious vigilante variety, or that of … Continue reading

Part of the whole~

Weak Analogies and Misdirection: I love reading old pulp stories. Even though I live in an apartment with virtually no convenient storage or display space, on the other side of the Earth from the bunker in which all my other cool stuff is kept, I still have literal stacks of pulps from the likes of Maxwell Grant, … Continue reading

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