Taking a Stab at Seven Games

The Black Campbell got me thinking about the Seven Games thread that has been running on G+ for a while. This was a topic I had been studiously ignoring as it doesn’t seem to easily break down into 7 discrete games for me. I tend to run more than one game at a time, and … Continue reading

In the footsteps of giants~ (RPG Blog Carnival – 12-2011)

This will be my final entry for the December 2011 RPG Blog Carnival. This post fills out the trio of posts I wished to contribute on the theme during this carnival: namely the potential hero in each character, the GM’s role in calling heroes to action, and the value of incorporating heroes both living and … Continue reading

The GM of Many Parts

Running Campaigns with multiple GMs. One of the most memorable campaigns I have ever been involved with was also one of the most complicated. The campaign, a Vampire: The Dark Ages Chronicle, was run by 4 GMs, started with 8 players, grew to 13 at its peak, had countless NPCs, and as events took their … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 12 (Aberrant)

This seed has been planted for Aberrant, but has the potential to grow in the soil of pretty much any supers story. If you roll your dice right – it can grow into a super story. Thank you. I will be here all week. The Seed: It would be nice if everyone gifted with abilities … Continue reading

Generation Games ~ pt. 1

This, like most of my ideas, is not new. Fortunately, the idea that there is nothing new under the sun and moon is quite relevant to the topic at hand – running what I think of as generation games or legacy games. For those who do not recognize what I mean by ‘generation game,’ this … Continue reading

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