Icons: Waters of Casablanca

My proposed Icons Campaign, Waters of Casablanca, (otherwise known as ‘I was misinformed’) has gotten the short shrift these past few weeks as planning moves into high gear for the Mechwarrior Campaign, and as my deep interest in the Ubiquity system in general, and All for One: Regime Diabolique grows into a dangerous obsession. We … Continue reading

Iconic Heroes: Approaching Characters

Character creation in Icons is simple, but limiting it to emulate the type of “super-empowerment” demonstrated in Heroes will add some complications to the process. Using the point build method will certainly make things easier for players, but with that route missing out on the mystery of what power they will have, and considering my … Continue reading

Influences on Character

In both of my proposed campaigns, Icons and Mechwarrior, I have a lot of lead time to prepare and I have clear themes in mind. Really, this is the second best of all possible situations. It could only be made better by having clear start dates, and known players with clear character ideas. As I … Continue reading

Iconic Heroes~ part 5

A friend mentioned what he saw as a potential problem for this game: time manipulation. I was glad of the comment, but as I want to make the game feel as much like the series as possible, I am trying to look at each ability as a potential for a good story, than as a … Continue reading

The Imbalance Principle

Wisdom Waits

Prologue: Due to a lack of clarity on my part in a post earlier this week, I find myself with a new post to write. The topic isn’t new, and I have referred to it in passing before, but in this entry, we will drag the bastard out into the sunlight and see what happens. … Continue reading

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