Saturday Seed ~ 169 (Shadowrun)

This seed is being presented in response to my recent weeks of jetting about the globe and my gradual progress through the fifth edition of Shadowrun. This seed has no special requirements for any particular edition, but may be more fulfilling in editions where penetration of the facility would be required for success. The seed … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 161 (Shadowrun)

This Saturday Seed is being planted for Shadowrun of whatever edition chromes your jack. My Saturday Seeds also reappear on Ancient Scroll on random Saturdays~ The seed The seed is built around the horror and mental violence of red tape and greed. Planting the seed The seed can be planted most easily for an established group that … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 146 (Shadowrun)

This week’s seed is for Shadowrun by Catalyst Game Labs.  This is another big year for this venerable and intriguing property, but with the online, video and other forms of gaming gearing up for staggered release, I hope that the focus on the RPG is not lost. With a 5th Edition due, we will find … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 135 (Shadowrun)

This week’s Saturday Seed is for Shadowrun. It is a seed about a dead man, with deadly property. The Seed This seed deals with a classic case of a simple job which turns out to be something else, coupled with more than the normal amount of fear, loathing, and uncertainty and wrapped in an unhealthy … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 129 (Shadowrun)

This week’s Saturday Seed is for Shadowrun and could either be the basis of a short series, or a perhaps an ongoing social element through a campaign. The Seed This small seed touches on issues of fandom and the urge to belong, and focuses more on legal savvy and deductive ability than Panther Assault Cannons… … Continue reading

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