Saturday Seed ~ 188 (Shadowrun)

This is a seed for Shadowrun of any particular edition. Depending on the runners’ relationships with their contacts and neighbors, it threatens to put them at varying degrees of disadvantage. The core of the seed is to have the runners wondering why them, and why now, while the answer may never, ever come to light.

The seed
This situation involves part of mundane life being twisted by a clever con…as usual.

Planting the seed
It is easy to draw the characters into this as this time they are being framed. The seed can be introduced at several stages of the con, depending on the type and strength of the relationship between the PCs and their contacts, fixers, and suppliers.

The details
If this seed is planted at the worst possible time for the players then the coincidental arrival of a force of Corp Security and a group of Law Enforcement personnel at the same time is the first the characters hear of a problem. Testosterone and competitiveness will obviously have the two groups of rent-a-cops devolve into arguing thugs giving the time for the characters to get their drek together and come up with a plan of action.

From the heated argument coming from the cops, it is obvious that they are wanted for data-mining, extortion, fraud, and more. The CorpSec team want the runners for blackmail, identity theft, and industrial espionage charges, while the LEOs want them for identity theft and fraud.

Someone is getting rich and somehow laying the blame on the characters.

A more advantageous route into the seed for characters with good ties to the runner community and its strata of support would have them hearing praise and/or questions about “the scam they are running.” Some former colleagues hope to get in on the scheme. Some want information about what specific equipment purchases were for, or how they are holding up in the field. Some want to know the score so that they can try something similar, etc. It soon becomes obvious that whatever scam and gear purchases these people know about, it has no real connection to the Runners. Someone is clearly using their names on the street to set up a false trail to cover their own.

The gear purchases, however, are real enough and that is as good a route as any to figuring out what the villains of the piece are up to.

What’s going on
A small, professional group of grifters is running a scam by running up a two-prong infiltration into the local health care market. They have their hooks in a local clinic which primarily serves upwardly mobile corporate types for run-of-the-mill problems, and in a competitive local insurance agency trying to take their business to the next level.

Through the use of the two locations, routine health inspections, routine credit checks, and other very personal sources of information, the group is able to accomplish a lot of operations, not the least of which are physical things like bugging their targets with injected snooping devices, DNA collection, or electronic things like data harvesting without the need for actual intrusion.

To cover their equipment purchasing tracks, they have laid a few false trails, that are penetrated with varying degrees of difficulty before revealing their masterpiece of distraction: the nearly indisputable trail of purchases synched with actual purchases and lines of inquiry the Runners have been making in the past few months.

For the Corps and the Cops, it looks air-tight. it’s up to the Runners to blow holes in it, or go down trying.

Speak your piece~

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