Saturday Seed ~ 198 (Shadowrun)

This is a seed in celebration of all the Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall I have been trying to play since its release. I would have played more but the dogs refuse to feed and walk themselves [jerks], and I prefer to keep rather than lose my job because I cannot shake my attachment to housing and food.

The seed
This seed pits the runners versus other runners in what could lead to all sorts of different confrontations; not necessarily violent ones.

Planting the seed
This seed can be planted at any stage of your game or campaign but will work best with a group that is known, but not respected, or well-known but hated.

It can come at a high or low point in their lives and schedules, and should be seen as an annoying thing to have to undertake which can then spin out-of-control into all manner of exciting destruction and misunderstandings.

This is a good opportunity to get the faces and fixers in your group some front-of-the-line time and put the cannon and mono-filament jocks into a menacing support role…at least at first.

The details

Ms. Johnson wants a tough, but charismatic group to run interference in the shadow community, preventing ill-advised runs sparked by competitors inside her own department and in other departments of her corp.

A risky and expensive project she has been shepherding through development with an allied corp is nearing completion of its R&D phase. Rather than reap the rewards of that project and see her be promoted over them, she fears her rivals will sabotage it and advance themselves at her expense.

She wants the runners to burn any runs her rivals might try to set up against her project before they start. She has a decent fund set up to cover costs and bribes, but the less of it she has to pay out to other runners, the more she can afford in bonuses…

This seed and getting other runners to refuse, cancel, renege, or otherwise not do what the rival Johnsons want them to do will pivot on bad blood, rivalry, territoriality and ego in the shadows of your campaign. It’s a good opportunity to put more dramatic meat on the bones of some NPCs and expand the players’ intel on their competition.

What’s going on
This seed can have as many layers as you want or need it to.

  • What is the project? [Weapon, Biological Agent, Program, etc]
  • Who will the completed project screw the most? [citizens, runners,etc]
  • How will the group’s rep be tarnished by working for the corp this way?
  • Can they steal the data themselves and market it somehow?
  • Do her superiors really want her project (with its association with another company) to succeed? Even if the runners succeed, will she live to pay them?
  • With the PC runners working against other runners in the city and keeping them from a good payday, how will competition for other jobs shape up?
  • Which is really better… succeeding or failing?


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