Grimaud’s Crowbar

A brief note of introduction before we learn how Grimaud came to meet Chekhov. Over the past year and more a small group of friends and I have been running Triple Ace Games’ All for One: Regime Diabolique as a co-operative, co-GM’d campaign. The game, developed for the Ubiquity Roleplaying system and inspiringly written by … Continue reading

Shadowrun: Anarchy 

I like game systems at least as much as I like dice, and readers of this blog know that I have more than a passing fondness for dice…and understatement. I like systems. I like reading them, learning them, sharing them, and comparing how editions change over time. I even like comparing different expressions of the same … Continue reading

Charting a spectrum of play

As has been mentioned on this blog in a few places, such as posts and videos on developing a language for describing play, there are times when speaking about the hobby of roleplay with other roleplayers of different experience can end up in an utter failure to communicate. People enjoy the conversation, but can sometimes not … Continue reading

Impressions from the Edge of the Empire

Yesterday, I launched a campaign using Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire for a group of five players. They all know each other well, and are just getting to know me. They were previously involved in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign together which has gone on hiatus. For me, this is the first face-to-face … Continue reading

Do we, in truth, need Truth?

I am a big fan of truth. I have all their albums. I have been a fan of truth for so long it has gone in and out of vogue more times than I can count. Of course, I was an English major so there is some veracity to the claims that I may not … Continue reading

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