Charting a spectrum of play

As has been mentioned on this blog in a few places, such as posts and videos on developing a language for describing play, there are times when speaking about the hobby of roleplay with other roleplayers of different experience can end up in an utter failure to communicate. People enjoy the conversation, but can sometimes not … Continue reading

Do we, in truth, need Truth?

I am a big fan of truth. I have all their albums. I have been a fan of truth for so long it has gone in and out of vogue more times than I can count. Of course, I was an English major so there is some veracity to the claims that I may not … Continue reading

Roleplaying: The Simulation

For a few weeks now I have been in the process of doing short clips (no, really!) on my YouTube channel which are intended to serve as an introduction to a style of play which I feel was more common in the past than it is now. Although badly or misleadingly named (and I apologize … Continue reading

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