Spectrum Shifts

I encounter a lot of certainty on the Internet, and no doubt convey no small amount of it myself – especially in posts like these. Hopefully, what registers that I am certain about is that we can rarely be certain of anything. Last week, I shared some ideas on gaming that seemed to register with … Continue reading

Charting a spectrum of play

As has been mentioned on this blog in a few places, such as posts and videos on developing a language for describing play, there are times when speaking about the hobby of roleplay with other roleplayers of different experience can end up in an utter failure to communicate. People enjoy the conversation, but can sometimes not … Continue reading

December 2013 RPG Blog Carnival: GM and Player Roles

Mainly coincidentally, the YouTube RPG Community has been delving very deeply into a topic which aligns with the concept of this carnival, that of taking charge of how the group dynamic is balanced at the table. The question on this dynamic is split into “What are the ways in which creative responsibility can be shared … Continue reading

More than others, words define us

Over the last two years or probably longer, I have been circling an idea which ironically has not found its way out into the realm of words, spoken or written, on my YouTube Channel or here on Casting Shadows. In some of my clips and posts on genre, campaign structure, and nomenclature I have touched … Continue reading

Do we, in truth, need Truth?

I am a big fan of truth. I have all their albums. I have been a fan of truth for so long it has gone in and out of vogue more times than I can count. Of course, I was an English major so there is some veracity to the claims that I may not … Continue reading

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