Roleplaying: The Simulation

For a few weeks now I have been in the process of doing short clips (no, really!) on my YouTube channel which are intended to serve as an introduction to a style of play which I feel was more common in the past than it is now. Although badly or misleadingly named (and I apologize … Continue reading

Shadowscast Episode 9

This ninth episode of Shadowscast, presents two longer segments on Korea, and one segment on dealing with one of the pitfalls of winging events from behind the GM screen in a sandbox or “lazy-style” game . I had intended to include an update to an error in last episode’s Leviathans segment on the torpedo phase, … Continue reading

Shadowscast Episode 8

It is October once again, and my often futile quest to find a decent carving pumpkin here in Korea is on. It is also a period wherein several of my favorite holidays coincide: Chuseok, the Korean Harvest Festival, Canadian Thanksgiving, and Halloween. This episode of Shadowscast, the eighth, presents two segments on Korea, one on … Continue reading

Shadowscast Episode7

The latest episode of Shadowscast lacks guest stars, open-ended questions, gloom, and pre-cursors to massive flooding. Sorry~ What it does have are three segments, and those segments focus on Korea as a game setting, restarting a campaign you have put on hiatus, and a short actual play clip of Leviathans. Sharp-eyed observers will note it … Continue reading

Leviathans over Korea

I honestly expected that my core box set for Leviathans would not arrive until we were well into September. What with cons, and all the other things going on, it didn’t really occur to me that I would get my set before GenCon. Technically *I* got it afterward, but it was actually delivered to my … Continue reading

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