Shadowscast Episode 9

This ninth episode of Shadowscast, presents two longer segments on Korea, and one segment on dealing with one of the pitfalls of winging events from behind the GM screen in a sandbox or “lazy-style” game . I had intended to include an update to an error in last episode’s Leviathans segment on the torpedo phase, … Continue reading

Shadowscast Episode 8

It is October once again, and my often futile quest to find a decent carving pumpkin here in Korea is on. It is also a period wherein several of my favorite holidays coincide: Chuseok, the Korean Harvest Festival, Canadian Thanksgiving, and Halloween. This episode of Shadowscast, the eighth, presents two segments on Korea, one on … Continue reading

October RPG Blog Carnival – Surfing the Surfeit of Horror

It’s October, so naturally it is time to expect Halloween episodes in prime-time on the major networks, fat pumpkins in the grocery stores and farmers markets, and line-jumping Christmas Decorations in the shopping malls. For gamers, thoughts often turn to the one-shot horror story, such as running a Call of Cthulhu scenario, or dipping into … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ Halloween

This special Holiday Edition Saturday Seed is for Palladium Fantasy. I think horror games get over-used as one-shots or get abused with added gore during this special time of year, and I prefer to think of things to do with other games for Halloween gaming. This entry will be written with a small group of … Continue reading

Game for the Holidays

Check out GENZOMAN

I have just gotten back from a week away. Setting scheduled posts through WordPress before I left meant that for the entire time I was away, I didn’t have to spare a thought for gaming or related issues. Now that I am back, trying to clear the dust off that part of my brain, I … Continue reading

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