Shadowscast Episode 6

This episode has been delayed for a few months and as such has expanded to nearly twice its normal expected size. No guests were harmed in the filming of this episode, but one crane was filmed without his permission while stalking three-eyed fish. Topics for this Shadowscast range from a look at some GameScience dice … Continue reading

Shadowscast – episode 5

This episode touches on the new Super Hero RPG based too firmly in the Marvel Universe, and the future loss of Guidance from Triple Ace Games. We look in more depth at using Korea as a location for gaming (this time with Bonus Content!) and compare the approach of “telling the story” versus “discovering it.” Volume 1, … Continue reading

Shadowscast – episode 4

This episode touches on three topics. First, I discuss gaming from the point of view of one layer of immersion: genre fidelity. Second, we examine the possibility of really meshing tactical and roleplaying elements in a single game. Finally, I share some quick tips for running a campaign as a Play-By-e-Mail game.  Specific games which get mentioned are All for One: … Continue reading

Shadowscast – episode 3

This episode touches on four topics. We continue our look at Seoul as a setting, discuss gaming in public, review the excellent service from Noble Knight Games, and take a look at our initial impressions of the Ubiquity Roleplaying System. Volume 1, Episode 3 Related articles Shadowscast – episode 1 from Casting Shadows ( Shadowscast … Continue reading

Shadowscast – episode 2

This Shadowscast was shot on location in Seoul earlier this week. My recurring guest, Kyrei once again submits himself to some difficult questions to share some core ideas and hopefully spark some conversation or perhaps debate…. and yes, that is a Technoir hoodie with the ‘Cast’ icon on the back. Kyrei is holding out for … Continue reading

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