Shadowscast Episode 8

It is October once again, and my often futile quest to find a decent carving pumpkin here in Korea is on. It is also a period wherein several of my favorite holidays coincide: Chuseok, the Korean Harvest Festival, Canadian Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

This episode of Shadowscast, the eighth, presents two segments on Korea, one on Halloween games, offers up a bonus and undeleted deleted scenes, and rounds things out with more in our ongoing series on immersive gameplay.


2 Responses to “Shadowscast Episode 8”
  1. Daniel says:

    The immersion thing can be so frustrating. Why folks won’t even learn the other PCs’ names, much less their capabilities, has always baffled me. I’ve found that actually having a (paper) PC nameplate on the table in front of each player helps with this. Other info can be put there as well, although obviously ‘more’ becomes ‘too much’ rather quickly.

    Nice bit on the visas. I always find fun with bureaucratic shenanigans _in entertainment_ (see “I Was A Male War Bride” for reference 🙂 ). I think in real life as well as gaming, people want to apply too much logic to solve legal/political/bureaucratic situations, when they really need to get over that and just dig out the details. Mind you, I wouldn’t _mind_ if logic could be applied a little more often.

    • Runeslinger says:

      As someone trying to survive the new passport renewal process for expats, I whole-heartedly agree on the wish for logic, and the strain that puts on the system – both bureaucratic and mental.

      I haven’t seen ‘I was a male war bride,’ but I’ll add it to my list~

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