Leviathans over Korea

I honestly expected that my core box set for Leviathans would not arrive until we were well into September. What with cons, and all the other things going on, it didn’t really occur to me that I would get my set before GenCon. Technically *I* got it afterward, but it was actually delivered to my office before… and sat idle in the mailroom while I spent the weekend wishing I had something interesting to do.

I filmed a quick teaser video in my office, and then an unboxing video when I got home, and then had to rush out again for 3 more hours of work. The whole week will be like this, so updates about this incredible game will be in uncharacteristically short snippets. Enjoy them while they last.

Call for Players

If anyone out there has the game and is looking for players, or to expand their circle of players beyond their local group, please feel free to contact me on G+ or by e-mail at runescastshadows at the intersection of google and mail. We can arrange games either on a turn by turn fashion via YouTube, or in a Google Hangout.

I am going to tear into the Gazette now~

3 Responses to “Leviathans over Korea”
  1. Brad says:

    Good Day Mr. Shadows,
    With any luck my Leviathans boxed set will arrive this friday on early next week at the latest! Here is to what will be another great game from Catalyst !!


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