The Missing Spherical Dice~

D5, D7, D14, D18, D22, D24

The Kickstarter project by Impact! Miniatures went smoothly from the backers’ perspective, and was characterized by clear and frequent communication about each stage of the development process from the beginning. Yesterday, my backer rewards arrived a little earlier than I expected. It wasn’t an easy road for the developers to travel, but they have persevered … Continue reading

Genre is Rule 0

Now available in audio form with commentary from 2020 Casting Shadows Podcast I watched a video clip yesterday evening which asked “Why?” in connection to the disparity in numbers between those who will choose to respond to an ad looking for D&D or Pathfinder players as compared to the number who will respond to ads … Continue reading

Casting Runes – An exploration of RuneQuest ~ Introduction

This post is an introduction to the series and as such little to no content was harmed in its making. As I mentioned last week, my next series on the blog will focus on RuneQuest. For whatever reason, I have never played it and from what I can see now, I should have. While I … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 116 (Dungeon Crawl Classics)

Although no doubt easily planted in any fantasy setting with varying degrees of work, this week’s small story seed is for Dungeon Crawl Classics. I have been intending to put one out for this game solely because I enjoyed reading it so much. After much delay, here it is.  As I mentioned last week, I … Continue reading

To Seek Out New Dice and New… Civilizations

With no small amount of wonderment at myself, I went on an extensive dice hunt this month for a game I am not at all likely to run. The game? Dungeon Crawl Classics. This post is not about the game though, it’s about the dice. Nostalgia and High Impact Dice It took me years to … Continue reading

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