Saturday Seed ~ 182 (Hawkmoon)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for the other game in Chaosium’s old Eternal Champion line, Hawkmoon. Not as successful as Stormbringer, it is still a gem of a product in its own right. The seed In the wake of several unexpectedly unsuccessful military actions, agents from Gran Bretan extend diplomatic overtures to foreign nobles … Continue reading

Casting Runes – An exploration of RuneQuest ~ Introduction

This post is an introduction to the series and as such little to no content was harmed in its making. As I mentioned last week, my next series on the blog will focus on RuneQuest. For whatever reason, I have never played it and from what I can see now, I should have. While I … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 136 (Stormbringer)

This week’s seed is a grisly little item for Stormbringer. It is not much more than a rumor, but deployed skillfully, can twist itself into a long-running quest, full of the ambiguity and mystery for which the Elric saga is famed. The seed The seed is nothing more than news that an item known as … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 102 (Elric/Stormbringer)

This week’s seed is for your choice of editions and publishers for Stormbringer, Elric!, Elric of Melnibone, or whatever name the game is going by now. It is intended for a group of adventurers willing to hire out their services without asking too many questions, either before or in the very early days of Elric’s … Continue reading

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