Mythos Mythras

Mythos Mythras, you say…?

We are currently using Mythras + Luther Arkwright, with some renaming of player information, to run a Mythos campaign set at various points in the 19th and 20th centuries.

One of the goals is to heighten the horror of Mythos activity and encounters by bringing human cult violence and insanity into sharp focus with the full cult, combat, and sanity rules of Mythras. This goal works hand in glove with a companion goal of introducing the system to a few interested fellow gamers.

Our PBeM campaign is to be primarily set in an alternate 1908 much like our own. It will have and has begun, however, in one of several related threads featuring secondary characters in another point in time.

The use of secondary characters has several purposes. The main reason is to enable the group to bond and learn the system before their main characters are created and introduced. Other reasons include adding depth and “continuation insurance” to the campaign as death or madness could easily end it. Having other characters linked to the events allows us to come at the “investigation” from several angles and points in time, while also helping too mitigate memory problems commonly associated with the slower pace and search challenges of PBeM gaming.

The opening scene, set in 1888 has the crew of a semi-legitimate tramp steamer run aground in a terrible storm on an uncharted island (reminding players of R’lyeh, I imagine) after a days-long pursuit by pirates.

The players are portraying a landing party sent to forage for supplies and material for repairs. Unfortunately for them, the island and the storm do not make for easy exploration.

Currently, temporal and spatial distortions, vanishing crewmen, and an attack by madmen have greeted them as they have begun to seek out the island’s interior.

As sanity begins to waver (Tenacity in Arkwright) and the pace of maddening revelations accelerates on the back of life or death violence and the punishing storm, the most recent discovery is that those who are attacking them now are aged and insane versions of the crewmen awaiting their return aboard their wrecked vessel.

Soon, it will be time to switch perspective to the campaign’s tacit ‘now’ and slide down to the next layer of potential discovery and madness~

Stay Tuned!

10 Responses to “Mythos Mythras”
  1. That sounds pretty sweet (in a terrifying tentacular fashion), I’ve not played Mythras before, is that the D100 fantasy style game? I have to admit that–much as it galls me–I’m going to have to consider trimming down the amount of gaming I’m doing at some point in the future. Perhaps play by e-mail could be a solution? Although I know almost nothing about it, can you recommend any good resources/advice posts on the subject?

    • Runeslinger says:

      I think most of my PBeM posts are commentary or recaps. They should all ve tagged with PBeM on the blog. I did a more detailed exploration of the topic in one of the Shadowscast episodes on my YouTube channel, but I honestly don’t remember which one.

      I don’t know of any good resources online as it’s something I worked out for myself and have been doing since being in Korea.

      It can be really slow, but I enjoy it most of the time. A notable exception was trying to run CthulhuTech~

  2. This player certainly assumed it was R’lyeh. My character was not the only one shocked to recognise his assailant.

  3. Peter Nash says:

    Looks interesting. Just my cup of tea… 😉

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