The GM of Many Parts

Running Campaigns with multiple GMs. One of the most memorable campaigns I have ever been involved with was also one of the most complicated. The campaign, a Vampire: The Dark Ages Chronicle, was run by 4 GMs, started with 8 players, grew to 13 at its peak, had countless NPCs, and as events took their … Continue reading

15 Enduring and Impressive Games in 15 minutes

I have been seeing this idea to blog about 15 games which left a lasting impression, listed out in less than 15 minutes on many of my frequently read blogs. I usually don’t ride along with these sorts of thematic bandwagons, but this one – and the arc of similarities and differences from blog to … Continue reading

The Imbalance Principle

Wisdom Waits

Prologue: Due to a lack of clarity on my part in a post earlier this week, I find myself with a new post to write. The topic isn’t new, and I have referred to it in passing before, but in this entry, we will drag the bastard out into the sunlight and see what happens. … Continue reading

Adjudication 2 ~ The Will

If you were running a game with a mechanic to represent Willpower or Resolve, and I am thinking specifically of Storyteller in this case, where the use of the trait allows the character to void GM fiat for a period of time (resist Frenzy, etc) how would you deal with a  situation like the following: … Continue reading

Discomfort, Fear, Terror, and Vast Cosmic Horror, on a dime a day

A blog I have been reading regularly since I started using WordPress (The Black Campbell), mentioned in passing the difficulty of running horror games and that, plus listening to some podcasts of actual games got me thinking about the skills it takes, and the effort that is required to set specific moods in a game session. … Continue reading

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