Adjudication 2 ~ The Will

If you were running a game with a mechanic to represent Willpower or Resolve, and I am thinking specifically of Storyteller in this case, where the use of the trait allows the character to void GM fiat for a period of time (resist Frenzy, etc) how would you deal with a  situation like the following:

A character has engaged in combat  and been beaten to Incapacitated, and so is technically so injured that they cannot take actions.

  • The player wants to spend Willpower to enable their character to crawl after their opponent, speaking words of defiance, for purely dramatic and character-based reasons (high willpower trait, unwilling to succumb or surrender, death-before-dishonour, etc.)

How would you rule on the character’s ability to move? Does WP trump a smashed and ruined body?

One Response to “Adjudication 2 ~ The Will”
  1. Murderbunny says:

    In general I would allow good drama to trump absolute game mechanics. In the scenario you describe, the player-character gains no measurable unfair advantage from their actions, this is the sort of thing we see in movies/TV and it doesn’t undermine the group’s suspension of disbelief, so why not?

    In other situations it may actually be more dramatic to have the player-character knocked completely cold, to heighten the tension, to make the other PCs in the party worry that their friend may be dead, and so forth.

    If I were running NWoD and I was sitting on the fence as to whether a player-character should be able to act in spite of their mangled body, I would tell the player to spend a Willpower point for the opportunity to roll Stamina + Resolve, success allowing the player-character their desired action.

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