Saturday Seed ~ 139 (HEX)

This week’s seed is for Hollow Earth Expedition, and involves a rare moment when the characters are at home doing nothing. We all know how the universe hates that. The seed The seed involves giving the characters a choice about becoming aware of forces seeking to meddle in world affairs to their own benefit behind … Continue reading

All for One: Campaign Development Report 3

This post is intended both to help newcomers to All for One: Regime Diabolique get into the game more smoothly by discussing elements of the combat systems which can raise questions, and offer some ideas for transitioning from other game systems to Ubiquity. This post will look at physical and social combat. Subsequent posts will look … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 115 (All for One)

This week’s small story seed is for All for One: Regime Diabolique. I had been intending to put one out for Dungeon Crawl Classics because I enjoyed reading it immensely, but ran into a delay finishing my terrible map. Maybe next week. Saturday Seeds appear every Saturday (go figure…) on Casting Shadows. Seeds from the … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 111 (Hollow Earth Expedition)

This week’s seed is for HEX, but can easily be repurposed for many types of ‘modern’ settings that include a strong journalistic tradition. The seed After attracting a certain amount of notice in private circles, making both friends and enemies in their own fields and in fields in which they have cause and opportunity to come … Continue reading

Why do supplements feel like an anchor, not support?

When I was a D&D player my cohorts and I had no access to much beyond the core books we had obtained from far-flung centers of population with amazing things like book and hobby stores. Core books had come to us from mail order, or older brothers who didn’t understand what the game was, or … Continue reading

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