The world has ended again!

I am pleased to report that I have been given the opportunity to run Desolation for a group of players new to it and to Ubiquity. The group is in the midst of character creation at the moment, and so I am drinking in all the comments they drop about the game and setting to … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 162 (Hollow Earth Expedition)

This Saturday Seed is being planted for HEX in celebration of the great news Ubiquity Roleplaying System aficionados received on June 29 (June 28th if you are a follower of this blog!) that the kickstarter for the long-awaited Mars source book for HEX-inflected heroic pulp will be launched on the 1st of July.  I am … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 151 (Menace from Beyond)

A new ubiquity game is in the last stages of development by Sechin Tower, one of the movers and shakers behind the scenes of Exile Games. Under his own company, Siege Tower Games, Tower will be releasing a 50’s Sci-Fi game next year with public play testing being guided via the game’s blog until then. … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 149 (Leagues of Adventure)

This week’s seed is for Leagues of Adventure by Triple Ace Games.  With a little tweaking it could be set to connect to and run in a variety of different places on Earth either in the Steampulp Victorian age of Leagues, or in the Heroic Pulp era of Exile Game Studio’s Hollow Earth Expedition. My … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 147 (Desolation)

This week’s seed is for Desolation by Greymalkin Design Studio.  The depth and breadth of possibility in running campaigns for this game always impresses me each time I leaf through it. All the inspirational sparks are there, without the massive overhead of lore to swallow and disseminate. That the game can still evoke a very … Continue reading

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