Enforcing Genre Fidelity Mechanically

For the sake of sanity and brevity, I do not want to get into the distinctions between being true to a genre to varying degrees, and caricaturing a genre. If you see me doing that, please stop me. I would like to remain briefly sane… wait. Nevermind. “I am gonna send you to a deep, … Continue reading

Why do supplements feel like an anchor, not support?

When I was a D&D player my cohorts and I had no access to much beyond the core books we had obtained from far-flung centers of population with amazing things like book and hobby stores. Core books had come to us from mail order, or older brothers who didn’t understand what the game was, or … Continue reading

Technoir Playtest

Early on Sunday afternoon, in a board game café we expected to be deserted, but was not, we conducted our first playtest of the Technoir RPG Beta rules. Coordinated in part through meetup.com to expand my circle of gamers here in Seoul, we had four players willing to try a little cybered-noir on a sunny … Continue reading

Technoir is no punk

I cannot say that I like FATE. I am willing to admit that it may have been the learning process that lead me to that blasé reaction, but I suspect it is a little more. This being the case, I was somewhat surprised at my strong positive reaction to Technoir, the new game in development … Continue reading

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