Spectrum Shifts

I encounter a lot of certainty on the Internet, and no doubt convey no small amount of it myself – especially in posts like these. Hopefully, what registers that I am certain about is that we can rarely be certain of anything. Last week, I shared some ideas on gaming that seemed to register with … Continue reading

Shadowscast Volume 2 Episode 1

This new volume and episode of Shadowscast, the first of Volume 2, presents more short segments on Korea ranging from the floral to the culinary, and ultimately the political (seas of fire and all that) , a quick look at Magicians – the language learning RPG, an update on Android apps for the gamer who … Continue reading

Genre and the Modern Prometheus

Consciously, or unconsciously what we do as a group of players in a roleplaying game gives shape to a specific genre. There is no escape. In our quest for a good time, our actions and interactions as an amalgam of players, characters, GM, and non-player characters create a fictional world we own perhaps even more … Continue reading

Shadowscast Episode 10

This tenth episode of Shadowscast, the last of Volume 1 and a year of presenting ideas in this way, presents many short segments on Korea ranging from the mundane to the threatening with a side order of delicious, a few short unboxing clips from the last few months, one segment offering a short overview on … Continue reading

Casting Runes 1: Percentile Violence~

There are many reasons why I selected RuneQuest to support my serious foray back into fantasy gaming after all these years (No, Vampire: The Dark Ages does not count). Chief among these reasons is the basic simplicity of the core mechanics and the enjoyable lethality of the combat system. At this point in time, I … Continue reading

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