#RPGaDay2021 – Day 15 – Supplement

The 15th day of #RPGaDay2021, and our prompt for the day is ‘supplement’

#RPGaDay2021 – Day 6 – Chase

Today is Day 6 of RPGaDay and we are pursuing this alternate prompt: Chases!

#RPGaDay2021 – Day 5 – Gamble

Day 5 of #RPaDay has us talking about the prompt: Gamble!

#RPGaDay2021 – Day 4 – Weapon

Today is Wednesday and it whirls us off to a well-spring of wonderment as we work with the prime word for Day 4 of #RPGaDay2021: Weapon! No random rolls today, straight-up fiat rules the day. LISTEN to the Casting Shadows Podcast instead. WEAPON Roleplaying games long ago moved away from an expected focus on combat … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2021 – Day 3 – Image

Day 3 of #RPGDay2021

  • Revelations of Glaaki

  • Invocation

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