Saturday Seed ~ 132 (Broken Rooms)

This week’s Saturday Seed is for Broken Rooms from Greymalkin Designs. It’s a small idea most suitable perhaps for an early foray into the game and its array of tormented worlds. The Seed This seed deals with discovery and deduction, where the characters find themselves having to identify which is hotter – the frying pan … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 128 (Broken Rooms)

This week’s Saturday Seed is for Greymalkin Designs’ moody and apocalyptic summer 2012 release, Broken Rooms. The Seed This small seed, set in 2012, is intended to help bolster the characters’ vague sense of urgency, feed healthy paranoia, and answer a few questions the players and their characters might not have needed to address yet. … Continue reading

Broken Rooms: in my e-hands

At GenCon 2012, so the story goes, Greymalkin Designs released a limited run of hardcover copies of their new RPG, Broken Rooms. Not having been anywhere near that side of the Earth, I must content myself with the PDF obtained from my friendly enabler Drivethrurpg to take a look at it. Update: Curious about the … Continue reading

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