#RPGaday2015 – Day 6: Most Recent RPG Played

Today’s RPGaday question gets us into some murky semantic territory if you are the sort who does not see the GM as a player. I do, so I can answer this question easily. Also, I am once again in a group that shares GMing duties, so it wouldn’t matter anyway. For those poor GMs out … Continue reading

Running Broken Rooms

Since October of 2014, I have been exploring Broken Rooms in a PBeM format. The game started out with a traditional approach of being run through e-mail, but shifted after a month to being run in a Facebook group. Getting to run this game took longer than I had hoped, and as a play-by-post, this exploration has … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 175 (Broken Rooms)

This Saturday Seed returns, after too long away, to the amazingly rich game, Broken Rooms. This is a very, very short one, but it has legs… long, disjointed ones which are fit to carry you where you may not have expected to go, and will not, without sacrifice, carry you back. The seed As noted … Continue reading

Shadowscast Volume 2 Episode 2

This episode of Shadowscast, the second of Volume 2, presents more short segments on game ideas for Korea as a setting ranging from the supernatural to the curiously epicurean; one segment on the boundaries, inspiration, and limitations of art and visual aids in gaming and GMing; as well as some other odds and ends. For … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 132 (Broken Rooms)

This week’s Saturday Seed is for Broken Rooms from Greymalkin Designs. It’s a small idea most suitable perhaps for an early foray into the game and its array of tormented worlds. The Seed This seed deals with discovery and deduction, where the characters find themselves having to identify which is hotter – the frying pan … Continue reading

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