OSR or OGRe?

Old Dog on the prowl As those with any familiarity with this blog will know I have been focused pretty heavily on running games with the Ubiquity roleplaying system for almost two years now. One interesting side effect of that which I noticed this week was that other systems are starting to look awfully slow … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 91 (Desolation)

This week’s seed is for Desolation, and is built around the idea of the growing paranoia and caution of survivors in a shattered wasteland that seems to be looking to destroy them too. The seed The PCs come across a healthy baby in the middle of nowhere. Planting the seed This is appropriate for any … Continue reading

Desolation Boulevard


Assume for a moment that not that long ago, the world – for all intents and purposes – died. How long would it take for you to come to terms with the idea that there were certain things you would never again have the pleasure of experiencing? Certain tastes, certain events, certain places, certain scents … Continue reading

Chargen: None of the Above

I don’t like wasting time. Although the excruciating length of some of my blog posts might challenge that statement, I prefer to engage in something meaningful rather than dick around. For this reason, I tend to take special care laying out campaign proposals and character creation options, and expect players to work together to get … Continue reading

So last time, the world ended…

This past Sunday, my stint of being ‘just a player’ ended as Kyrei’s introductory story came to its dramatic conclusion with our characters stumbling across an incredibly compelling quest story, just as the world ended. I guess we had to expect that given that we were exploring the rich setting for Greymalkin Designs’ fascinating post-apocalyptic … Continue reading

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