Saturday Seed ~ 177 (Morrow Project)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for The Morrow Project by Timeline Ltd.

The seed
The team has made contact with a local community and established the early stages of peaceful interaction and cooperation. As a part of actively deepening ties and understanding, the exchange and introduction of key members has been undertaken, with the idea of letting each side truly see how the other side lives. Something goes wrong.

Planting the seed
This seed requires substantial set-up, either as a part of an ongoing campaign with leadership above the PC level, or as part of the exposition for a shorter game or scenario. The seed assumes that the team will be responsible for an important guest from a local community, and that one of their own is guesting with the locals. The reasons for this are unimportant in comparison to the responsibility each side has to care for their guests.

The details

Both groups, the local leaders and MP leadership recognize that in order to build trust and real cooperation in rebuilding and reeducation, each side must open their homes to representatives of the other culture. In an effort to show what has really been lost since the war, and in an effort to accept that some things are not broken and do not need fixing, a limited exchange of very important people has been undertaken to start the initiative. A member of the Project is dwelling with a member of the local town council, while the chief councilor’s son is dwelling with members of the Project at their base camp in the region.

Language in the area has evolved sufficiently to make detail and context rich information difficult to impart under stress or without repetition and demonstration. The local community is tightly-knit and has developed a strong and overt pride aspect in its cultural dealings which allows for vendettas, duels, and a growing concept of personal and family honor. Everyone on the team is aware that each person in contact with them must pull their own weight, mean what they say, do what they promise, and show respect always. Interactions have been complicated and have suffered many setbacks.

Finally, in an effort to achieve the progress desired by both sides, the exchange was proposed and accepted.

Last night, the guest the team was hosting, while dutifully cleaning a weapon provided for him as part of his exposure to Project ways, shot and killed himself by accident. He was 14 years old and the only child of the head of the community.

What is going on

The Project has failed in their duty to protect their guest, and may actually be seen as his murderers. This incident is cause for a total breakdown of communication between the two sides, and likely to cause the outbreak of hostilities. Worse, the life of the Project member staying with the locals is now forfeit and they may do with that member what they please, from slavery to torture, or death.

What will the team do?



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