Saturday Seed ~ 155 (The Morrow Project)

This seed is being planted for the Fourth Edition of The Morrow Project by Timeline Ltd. My Saturday Seeds also reappear on Ancient Scroll on random Saturdays~ The seed The seed involves a difficult life and death situation that may make or break the security of the team. Planting the seed The seed can be planted at … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 150 (The Morrow Project)

This week’s seed is for The Morrow Project  by Timeline Ltd.  As spring and cherry blossom fever grips the South Korean nation and CNN merrily goes about its business of selling fear about its northern neighbor, I feel a little post apocalyptic adventuring might be in order. My Saturday Seeds also reappear on Ancient Scroll … Continue reading

The Morrow Project – Pre-release

Like members of Recon thawed out and set for surveillance of all that has changed since the Morrow Project went underground and under ice, the Pre-release of the new 4th Edition rules has gone out into the world today. As a satisfied member of a very well-conducted (almost military) Kickstarter campaign, I am among those with … Continue reading

A Project for the Morrow

I haven’t been home in years. It is no surprise that the longer I stay away, the fewer people who are there to great me on those few occasions when I do make the journey. The graveyard has always been a bit hungry for my friends and family, but the last few years have been … Continue reading

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